A Process Designed for Industrial Use


Industrial Phycology has designed and patented a system to harness the power of algae to remove nutrients from the ground up using cutting edge methods and technologies, specifically for industrial scale use and to meet the needs of the wastewater operators for improved effluents. The benefits of such an approach are many and not limited to:


To Be Modular & Scalable


A Modular nature making it easily scalable and simply integrated with, or added to the end of the treatment process.


To Treat a Range of Wastewaters & 
Reduce Carbon Emissions


The process can be configured to make use of variety of wastewater sources. Algae are able to take up nutrients and minerals from these sources and use them to grow, cleaning effluents in the process. Additionally, algae can take carbon dioxide from industrial sources such as flue gases, boosting growth rates and locking carbon emissions into biomass.


To Be Efficient


An approach has been taken to maximise energy and cost efficiencies and develop a process that:

  • Has vastly reduced running costs
  • Requires no chemical additions -  apart from occasional cleaning
  • Produces virtually no waste - turning waste in to product.


To Extract Value From Waste


Along with improved effluents, the process recovers material in wastewaters into biomass. Biomass can be valorised by operators for a variety of uses; including renewable energy, fertilisers and protein for animal feed.




The Right Team 


The founders have seen the challenges wastewater operators face to produce cleaner effluents and safeguard the environment. In response to this challenge, the founders have called upon their considerable combined industrial experience and academic backgrounds, along with their passion to protect the environment to offer a solution to the hazards posed by nutrient rich effluents. The founders have designed and patented an innovative solution to provide cleaner effluents whilst producing additional value from wastewater effluents. 


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